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Nigerian Breweries is the foremost Brewing company in Nigeria and our brands enjoy wide acceptance and patronage across the west coast of Africa.

Sustainability is one of our key business priorities; our way of doing business and creating value. We are an environment-friendly organisation. We use our goodwill, strong brand name, economic position and good reputation to create shared value in a manner that empowers stakeholders to exercise their talents and utilise opportunities to contribute towards sustainable development.

Our Approach
Our approach to sustainability covers our entire value chain of Agriculture, Malting, Brewing, Packaging, Distribution, Customer and Consumer.

Our Platform
The platform for our sustainability agenda is titled Brewing a Better World (BaBW), it encompasses our Sustainability initiatives as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility activities and it has 6 important focus areas:

nbplc water iconProtecting water resources

nbplc co2 iconReducing CO2 emissions

nbplc sourcing iconSourcing sustainably

nbplc responsible iconAdvocating responsible consumption

nbplc health iconPromoting health and safety

nbplc community iconGrowing with communities

Each focus area is underpinned by clear commitments that state our ambitions and the steps we are taking to realise them. Each focus area also has clearly set out milestones that signpost our progress.

Brewing A Better World

nbplc brewing a better world

Corporate Social Responsibility

nbplc corporate social responsibility

Corporate Governance

nbplc corporate governance

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall long-term success of the company, policy formulation and the strategic direction of the business as well as providing effective leadership to achieve our objectives in a manner that respects our core values.

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Code Of Business Conduct

nbplc heicode

As the foremost and biggest brewer in Nigeria, we are committed to conducting business with integrity and fairness, with respect for the law and our values. This commitment is outlined in our Updated Code of Business Conduct (“Code”) which was launched in September 2018. The Code explains what we stand for and what is expected from all of us – individually and as a team – at every level. ...

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nbplc publication report

Download Our Reports

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