Responsible Consumption

As an accountable organization, we remain resolute in promoting responsible consumption and pursuing strategies in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to help minimize the negative impact of irresponsible alcohol use. Our experience shows that our communication of responsible consumption works best when consumers take informed decisions to adopt a responsible attitude towards alcohol always.
We cannot act alone to address the sometimes complex issues that relate to alcohol misuse and abuse. To promote responsible behavior, therefore, we collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders – the industry, NGOs, governments, consumer groups, sales outlets and others.

Our Priorities

• Make responsible consumption aspirational through our brands, bringing the message directly to our consumers
• Build measurable partnerships, working closely together with government, NGOs and specialists to encourage responsible consumption and address alcohol-related harm;
• Taking action at industry level by partnering with the Beer Sectoral Group (BSG), a segment of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, and the umbrella body of all beverage alcohol producers.

Actions and Results

Partnership with Federal Road Safety Corps

In 2013, in partnership with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the government agency responsible for road safety administration, we continued for the sixth consecutive year, the organisation of Don't Drink and Drive (DDD) campaign. Four states were covered and 1,080 commercial drivers were engaged. This enlightenment campaign targeted primarily at commercial vehicle drivers and other road users, was designed to create and sustain awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving to promote road safety.

In collaboration with the International Centre for Alcohol Policy (ICAP), we embarked upon an evaluation of the impact of previous enlightenment campaign programs directed at the primary target groups. The evaluation using focused group discussions and in-depth interviews showed a gradual change in behavior of many drivers and union leaders who had participated in the previous DDD enlightenment campaign programs.

Changing Erroneous Perceptions

Nigerian Breweries' collaboration with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in the last six years has essentially been directed at communication to change drivers’ behavior towards alcohol. Our Don't Drink and Drive (DDD) campaign, as confirmed by the evaluation of past campaigns conducted in 2013, has been making some impact in this area. One of the cultural challenges and poor perceptions, however, of commercial drivers is the notion of “one for the road”, which indicates their erroneous belief that alcohol improves alertness while on a journey.

This was responsible for the high number of retailers of branded and unbranded alcohol at or close to motor parks before the ban on such sales. Based on the limited number of cities that have been covered with our DDD campaign programs, it is assumed that there are still a large number of commercial drivers with the habit of drinking and driving.

Through the DDD program, we aspire to change the erroneous beliefs, perceptions and irresponsible attitude of problem drivers, minimize alcohol-induced road crashes and save lives and property.

Our Employees as Ambassadors

To ensure that our people are well prepared to act as ambassadors to those in their circle of influence, all new employees were trained on the Company Alcohol Policy as well as Cool@Work Program. They were given supportive brochures as reference materials to encourage adherence to the provisions of relevant alcohol policies.

Taking Action at Industry Level

We continued our partnerships with other members of the Beer Sectoral Group (BSG), a segment of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, and the umbrella body of all beverage alcohol producers. In 2013, the BSG published a corporate profile brochure to create awareness of its goals and contributions among various stakeholders. The Group also issued a brief for the joint production of selected information, communication and education materials to drive responsible consumption at the industry level. The BSG which is chaired by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Breweries, plans to roll out the materials in 2014.