Positive Story
of Beer

Positive Story of Beer is to sensitize the public that moderate beer consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle with several health benefits

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an Introduction

We aim to present the truths about beer against the background that people have negative stereotypes and to dispel the unfounded myths

The aim is to engage, inspire, educate, and excite all our employees across all locations about beer and seize the unique opportunity we have as (potential) ambassadors to.

Beer is Nature’s Gift

Beer is the world’s oldest recorded alcoholic beverage, and while technology and innovation have changed how we brew and enjoy it today, the world’s 40,000 beers are still made from the same four basic natural ingredients: hops, barley, yeast and water.


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Identify this beer brand

Fun game for you to identify the brand from a silhoutte image of the bottle

Beer & Health


The Beer & Health Symposium is an initiative of NB Plc to sensitize the public on the postive benefits of moderate beer consumption.

the beer

an exciting quiz based on 30 general interest issues on beer

Frequent, questions!

We provide proven answers to some questions, myths and misconceptions about beer.

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