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Youth Empowerment & Talent Development

Youth Empowerment and Talent Development is one of the areas in which we have been very active, sponsoring several competitions and programmes. Our investments in this regard are driven by our recognition that talented young people need platforms and opportunities to showcase their talents while being encouraged and rewarded. Some of the Youth Empowerment and Talent Development Programmes which we sponsor include:

Creative Writer’s Workshop: Began in 2009 in partnership with Farafina. The programme has maintained a workshop format since inception, and it has grown bigger each year, training well over 100 budding writers, some of whom has gone on to be published. It has also attracted patronage from many internationally acclaimed creative writers such as Chimamanda Adichie, who facilitates the workshop along with Egbosa Imasuen, a one-time participant and author.

National Arts Competition: Organised by the African Artists Foundation in collaboration with Nigerian Breweries, the competition which is its 7th year affords budding artists the opportunity for exposure and experience. Each edition is driven by pertinent themes in line with current social issues. The competition has showcased emerging talents in such diverse mediums as painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installation and video art. The 2013 winner, Sesu Tiley-Gyado, as part of her prize visited Art Dubai where she had the opportunity to meet other artists from all over the world in an incredibly vibrant and stimulating setting. She is currently working on an Art Exhibition to showcase African Contemporary Art in London.

National Reading Competition: Designed for SSS1-3 students in secondary schools across the country, the competition is designed to empower Nigerian Youth and channel their energies to more productive ventures. It is also intended to promote a qualitative and sustainable culture of reading among the youth who need to be guided to understand the value of education and knowledge. One of the winners of the competition, Miss Mildred Chisom Okpala who is currently an undergraduate student of Economics and Computer Science of the prestigious Harvard University has this to say about the competition “I don’t think my acceptance to Harvard would have been possible without the Maltina National Reading Competition. As part of supplementary materials for my application, I submitted newspaper pages on which I was featured for my victory at the two editions of the MNRC. I think it caught their fancy because the admissions officer who interviewed me mentioned something about it”. Mildred got admitted to Harvard University with a $62,050 (N9.5million) scholarship a year. She is currently in her third year.

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nbplc sustainability youth

Youth Empowerment & Talent Development

Youth Empowerment and Talent Development is one of the areas in which we have been very ...

Corporate Governance

nbplc corporate governance

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall long-term success of the company, policy formulation and the strategic direction of the business as well as providing effective leadership to achieve our objectives in a manner that respects our core values.

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Code Of Business Conduct

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Our business is conducted with integrity and due regard to the legitimate interest of all stakeholders. As part of this, we have adopted policies such as the Code of Business Conduct and Environmental Policy. We show due respect to the relevant laws of the land and ensure that our operations ...

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