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Working With NB Plc

Working with NB Plc is all about dedication. Every person in NB Plc is committed to delivering the best possible performance anytime, anywhere.

Our mission statement “to be the leading beverage company in Nigeria, marketing high quality brands to deliver superior customer satisfaction in an environmentally friendly way” is a kind of Holy Grail etched in the minds of our employees.

It is challenging to maintain our position as the leading brewing company in Nigeria. We enjoy challenges and we have continually proven to be motivated by them.


We want our employees to grow with us. Because of the collective financial strength of the Heineken family of Opcos (Operational companies), NB Plc is able to offer attractive employee benefits. In addition to our vacation, holiday and sick-leave policies, we offer employees, spouse and children medical care, insurance, and an attractive and progressive pension scheme. Employees also receive grants on cars and homes.

As an operating company of the Heineken group, one of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our workforce. Our employees are men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives. One of our core values at NB Plc is enjoyment. Our employees are encouraged to have a life outside of the office. This point is buttressed by the many social events which we sponsor and also encourage our employees to be a part of.

We believe a good balance between work and personal time is healthy. To further demonstrate our concern for the health of our workers, we provide:
Aerobic sessions for employees
An in-house cafeteria providing a well-balanced menu
Provision for membership of gyms and fitness clubs, etc
Health fairs with informative exhibits.

Health they say is wealth and we believe that a healthy workforce will make a wealthy workforce. Being socially responsible has a positive impact on employees. At NB Plc, we pride ourselves on being a world class company in tune with the desires and aspirations of the society in which we operate. Our responsibility to the environment cannot be over-emphasized. In the last couple of years we have made tremendous progress towards ensuring that our production processes are environment friendly. Our team of researchers continues to develop newer and better ways of ensuring a safer and cleaner environment. More than 60% of adults work and many spend 2,000 or more hours a year at work. Worksite wellness makes the places they work healthier. An ideal healthy worksite has opportunities for employees to:
be physically active
eat healthful foods

NB Plc pays much attention to the issue of employee wellness by organizing seminars and exhibitions such as the SHE (Safety and Health) week where important information about safety in the workplace is obtained.
The safety of our customers and consumers is also paramount and NB Plc partners with government agencies such as the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) to promote safety on our roads and highways and also preach the “Don’t drink and drive” message.



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