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Interview Tips

You should learn as much as possible about our company through our website or by reading the latest press releases. That way you can have a richer conversation with our recruiters/interviewers.

Keeping abreast of current happenings in and around your environment at local, national and international levels is essential. We are concerned about happenings around us especially as relates to our industry; we believe you should be informed about global trends and happenings.

Your first interview can be a daunting task, we know because we have been there. We know how uncomfortable interviewing can be. Our candid advice is to be prepared, stay relaxed and you will be fine.

You need to ensure that your appearance depicts seriousness and confidence. Remember that first impressions matter a lot. You need to exude confidence and competence to the recruiters.

We are trying to get to know you better so we’ll need your help. Be sure to express your strengths and skills clearly. You’ll also want to explain the areas you feel you need to develop.

Ensure your CV is well developed and free of typos and errors. It should effectively tell the story of your professional journey and your strengths as an employee.

nbplc career guidelines

Guidelines for application

We have leveraged the creativity that resides in our human resource base to create quality products and business processes that help our customers operate more effectively. Opportunities for career advancement abound in our locations in Nigeria and also internationally.

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Routes to joining Nigerian Breweries

The bulk of our recruitment effort is conducted via Management Traineeship, Mid-Career Hires, Sales Executives and Craft Traineeship Program.

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