• NBPlc Brand Star Bottle
    Star is our nation’s #1 beer; Cold Filtered for that crisp, truly refreshing taste with millions of shining golden bubbles.
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  • NBPlc Brand Heineken Bottle
    Wherever you go, it’s always nice to see something you recognize; the green bottle, the red star and the smiling ‘e’ telling you instantly what’s inside : Cold, fresh, quality Heineken enjoyed around.
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  • NBPlc Brand Gulder Bottle
    Gulder is the extra matured premium quality beer made from the highest quality barley, the finest of hops and the purest of water, all natural ingredients, to give it a crisp, distinctive and refreshingly bitter taste.
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  • NBPlc Brand Goldberg Bottle
    Goldberg is the high quality lager beer brewed to golden standard by NB Plc., made from only the finest ingredients; with its elegant and attractive looking label, rich foam head, distinctive flavour and mature taste that leaves no one in doubt as to its exceptional quality and high quality lager beer.
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  • NBPlc Brand Starlite Bottle
    The crisp, truly refreshing and less filling beer that lets you shine in every moment
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  • NBPlc Brand 33-export Bottle
    The code of friendship. Crisp tasting and refreshing “33” Export is your quality Lager Beer to celebrate friendship everyday.
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  • NBPlc Brand life bottle
    Life continental lager beer is the fine quality beer, made from the choicest grains, hops and the purest of waters.
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  • NBPlc Brand more bottle
    Nothing is More satisfying. Brewed in Benue, More is a beer of community to celebrate the daily pride to be from Benue.
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  • NBPlc Brand legend bottle
    Legend Extra Stout is a unique bitter tasting premium stout, full brewed from the finest natural ingredients to the best of international quality standard.
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  • NBPlc Brand williams bottle
    Well rounded dark ale, Williams embodies confidence, for those who have the WILL and aren’t afraid to make those out of the line choices.
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  • NBPlc Brand turboking bottle
    Symbolised by the king of the jungle, Turbo King is the dark ale to enjoy after a hard working day. For men who earn their reward.
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  • NBPlc Brand amstel bottle
    Amstel Malta is the premium low-sugar malt drink with international heritage.
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  • NBPlc Brand maltina bottle
    Maltina is the smooth, nourishing malt drink with complete richness. Launched as a food supplement, Maltina is fortified with Vitamins and Calcium for healthy families. Maltina remains the category leader with its innovations and message of sharing happiness.
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  • NBPlc Brand maltagold bottle
    Malta Gold is a high quality non-alcoholic malt drink which has been repackaged and reformulated, for replenishment and extra energy that the body needs.
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  • NBPlc Brand maltex bottle
    First Malt brand in Nigeria, Maltex has been trusted by generations of people who enjoy its rich nourishing taste.
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  • NBPlc Brand hi-malt bottle
    Enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, Hi-Malt is a high quality malt drink, for those who seek energy and stimulation of body & spirit at the right price.
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  • NBPlc Brand ace-passion bottle
    Change Your Game with Ace Passion; the drink with grown-up alcoholic content and great sparkling apple taste.
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  • NBPlc Brand ace-roots bottle
    This is the low sugar herbal alcoholic drink with a blend of true African herbs, fruits, spices and the great kick of Alcohol. ACE ROOTS is made for the strong who want to awaken their African spirit and change their game to low sugar.
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  • NBPlc Brand ace-rhythm bottle
    This great tasting 5.5% alcoholic mix combines the chill of Ice, the Aroma of Vodka with a zesty burst of citrus flavour to give a blend that is truly the Rhythm of the groove.
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  • NBPlc Brand ace-desire-her bottle
    Ace Desire is a spirit mixed drink with 5.5% alc. that brings forward that familiar traditional zobo flavor with natural extracts of hibiscus for a uniquely intense refreshment.
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  • NBPlc Brand Star-radler bottle
    Star RADLER is a unique fusion of great tasting Star Lager blended with Citrus juice. It is made to give double refreshment, so you can get out there and double the fun, double the party and double the occasion.
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  • NBPlc Brand Strongbow bottle
    Sweet and golden with a crisp kick, a hint of green apple and a long, bittersweet finish.
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  • NBPlc Brand fayrouz bottle
    Fayrouz Natural Premium Soft Drink is a unique blend of barley malt, the purest of waters and delicious natural fruit flavours for those who are truly original.
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  • NBPlc Brand climax bottle
    Climax Herbal Energy Drink contains Schisandra and Ginseng; herbs that stimulate the mind and increase stamina.
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  • NBPlc Brand Stella Bottle
    Stella is a refined and consistently smooth lager beer with a rich heritage. A beer that was crafted in 1897, by Belgian master brewers.
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