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“To be the leading beverage company in Nigeria, marketing high quality brands to deliver superior customer satisfaction in an environmentally friendly way"

“To be a world class Company”

For individuals, the society and the environment

A culture of high performance to deliver outstanding value to our stakeholders

Passion for Quality
Not just for our products but also in everything we do

We bring enjoyment to people through our high quality products, communications and sponsorship activities.

Nigerian Breweries Plc, the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria, was incorporated in 1946. In June 1949, the company recorded a landmark when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled off its Lagos Brewery bottling lines. This first brewery in Lagos has undergone several optimization processes and as at today boasts of the most modern brew house in the country.

In 1957, the company commissioned its second brewery in Aba.  Kaduna Brewery was commissioned in 1963 while Ibadan Brewery came on stream in 1982.  In 1993, the company acquired its fifth brewery in Enugu. In October 2003, a sixth brewery, sited at Ameke, in Enugu State was commissioned and christened Ama Brewery.  Ama Brewery is today, the biggest and most modern brewery in Nigeria.

Operations in the Old Enugu Brewery were however discontinued in 2004, while the company acquired a malting Plant in Aba in 2008.

In October 2011, Nigerian Breweries acquired majority equity interests in Sona Systems Associates Business Management Limited, (Sona Systems) and Life Breweries Limited from Heineken N.V. This followed Heineken’s acquisition of controlling interests in five breweries in Nigeria from Sona Group in January 2011.

Sona Systems’ two breweries in Ota and Kaduna, and Life Breweries in Onitsha have now become part of Nigerian Breweries Plc, together with the three brands: Goldberg lager, Malta Gold and Life Continental lager.

Thus, from the humble beginning in 1946, the Nigerian Breweries now has eight operational breweries from which its high quality products are distributed to all parts of Nigeria, in addition to the ultra modern malting plant in Aba and Kaduna.

Nigerian Breweries Plc has a rich portfolio of high quality brands: Star Lager Beer, the first in its portfolio, was launched in 1949; this was followed by Gulder lager beer in 1970;Maltina, the nourishing malt drink,was introduced in 1976,followed by Legend Extra Stout in 1992.Amstel Malta  was launched in 1994 while Heineken Heineken lager Beer was relaunched into the Nigerian market in 1998.Maltina Sip-it, packaged in Tetrapaks was launched in 2005, while Fayrouz was launched in 2006. In 2007, the company introduced Star, Heineken and Amstel Malta in Cans. In 2011, the company sold a total of 29 Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) including Gulder Can, Legend Can, Heineken Magnum, Maltina Can , Fayrouz Cans, Fayrouz P.E.T, Climax Energy drink as well as Goldberg lager, Malta Gold and Life Continental lager which became part of the family in October 2011.

Nigerian Breweries Plc has an increasing export business that dates back to 1986. The Company currently exports to the United Kingdom, European Union and the West African sub-region.

As a major brewing concern, the company encourages the establishment of ancillary businesses. Many of these organizations and individuals depend largely on the company for their means of livelihood. These include manufacturers of bottles, crown corks, labels, cartons, plastic crates and such service providers as hotels/clubs, Distributors, Transporters, Event Managers, Advertising and Marketing Communication Agencies etc.

Nigerian Breweries Plc is a socially responsible corporate organization with a good track record of corporate social initiatives in identified and strategic areas. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility is driven by a vision to always “Win with Nigeria”. Over the years, Nigerian Breweries Plc has been very active in supporting our national development aspirations in line with our commitment to “Winning with Nigeria”.

We have continued to identify and respond to major challenges confronting our nation through our huge corporate social investments especially in the areas of education, the environment, water, youth empowerment, talent development and sports, amongst others.

The company in 1994 established an Education Trust Fund with a take-off grant of N100 million to take more active part in the funding of educational and research activities in institutions of higher learning, all in an effort to provide and encourage  academic excellence in Nigeria. This is in addition to its secondary and university scholarship programmes for children of its employees.

Nigerian Breweries Plc is the foremost sponsor of sports in the country with sponsorship covering football, athletics, tennis, cycling, chess, golf, squash, dart, Sailing and Ayo, among others. The aim is to develop Nigerian sportsmen and women to participate in national and international sports, and boost the sports profile of the country.

The company is also involved in the development of leadership, musical and movie talents, through various programmes. Some of these activities are captured in the company’s Social and Environmental Report.

Nigerian Breweries Plc has won several awards as a mark of its good performance in various spheres. The company has won the prestigious Nigerian Stock Exchange President’s Merit award for several years. For three consecutive years (2001, 2002 and 2003) Nigerian Breweries Plc won the Nigerian Stock Exchange Quoted Company of the year award. It has also won the Nigerian Industrial Standard (NIS) awards for its various products.

Also for four years (1999, 2000, 2004 and 2005), the company won Gold in the keenly contested Africa Beer Award organized by Heineken for its operating companies in Africa and the Middle East.  In 2002, Nigerian Breweries Plc won the Heineken Business Challenge Award (also known as the Heineken World Cup), a major competition organized for all Heineken operating companies in the world.

In 2003, the company was declared Excise Trader of the year, an award given by the Nigerian Customs Service for a company’s contribution to government treasury. In 2010, Nigerian Breweries won the prestigious Pearl award for Sectoral Leadership in the Brewery sector. In the same year, Star, Nigeria’s favourite lager and Maltina, the nation’s No 1 malt drink, were awarded prizes for their innovative Television Commercials at the Lagos Advertising Ideas Festival organized by the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, AAAN.

These are in addition to several awards from philanthropic organizations, clubs, institutions and government agencies.

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