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HEINEKEN Code Of Business Conduct (Heicode)

Our business is conducted with integrity and due regard to the legitimate interest of all stakeholders. As part of this, we have adopted policies such as the Code of Business Conduct. We show due respect to the relevant laws of the land and ensure that our operations remain within the ambit of all applicable laws. Our employees are expected to comply with the laws and regulations of Nigeria.

In 2013, we launched a revised version of our Code of Business Conduct called Heicode, to reconsolidate our strong position in promoting a company-wide adherence to our rules, regulations and provisions to support integrity in the workplace. It became effective in January 2013. Heicode communicates the basic principles that each employee must observe when acting for or on behalf of the company. The Code, together with its underlying policies, describes what is expected from all our employees, individually, or as a team at every level.

An e-learning training was organised for senior managers and others to understand the code. Training sessions were held to create awareness and educate employees on the new Code. New employees were also trained on the provisions of the Code. Copies of the Code manual were distributed to all employees to enhance understanding and encourage compliance.

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Corporate Governance

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Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall long-term success of the company, policy formulation and the strategic direction of the business as well as providing effective leadership to achieve our objectives in a manner that respects our core values.

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